Downtown Studio

This 1,240 square foot loft-like studio in downtown Sarasota was the home of Space as Art from 2013-2016. We have since moved to a larger space but still hold a special place in our hearts for this renovation project, which included layout changes, flooring, lighting, furniture, and finishes.

  • SpaceAsArt-Downtown_472
  • SAA-Downtown_ConferenceRoom
  • SpaceAsArt-Downtown_Studio2
  • SpaceAsArt-Downtown_511
  • SpaceAsArt-Downtown_Studio3
  • SpaceAsArt-Downtown_Studio1
  • SpaceAsArt-Downtown_Studio4
  • SpaceAsArt-Downtown_560
  • SpaceAsArt-Downtown_569
  • SpaceAsArt-Downtown_Hall

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