Project Reveal: Financial Office Design in Venice FL

We’re thrilled to share with you our most recent commercial interior design project, the new headquarters for Pinkerton Private Wealth. Our client’s request was poignant and direct; design an office that resonates with the essence of their identity, communicates a high level of service, and pays tribute to the local environment of Venice, Florida.
To accomplish the task, our interior design concept combined Southern classical architectural influence with the beauty of natural Venice. Classic white woodwork, organic textures, and a neutral palette mirror the coastal environment found just outside their doors, while also expressing the concepts of quality, history, and attention to detail.

Design Renderings

Finished Project

Our design weaves together bits of local storytelling and company history throughout. The custom screen wall that divides the reception area from the office corridor is made of laser cut steel, but visually mimics the natural bend and character of local Banyan trees.

Meeting room in interior design for financial firm office by Space as Art Tampa Sarasota Venice interior designer

Black and white landscape photography featuring Venice and its surrounding areas hangs throughout the space, all selected from the works of area photographer Spencer Pullen and custom framed.

The conference room encapsulates a visual bridging of land and sky as the bold, brass-framed sliding doors ground you before entering into the fresh, airy feeling of the room itself. Large windows give you a bird’s eye view onto the historic avenue below, while allowing the room to flood with ample light, partitioned by white solar shades and gray sheers that call to mind floating clouds.

A custom commissioned conference table, made from slabs of a tree felled by Hurricane Irma serve as the room’s centerpiece. Its history is rich as the grain displays stories of growth, and its curves trace the soul of branches and the local craftsman’s creative eye.

Interior design for financial firm office by Space as Art Tampa Sarasota Venice interior designer

Overall the office aesthetic is sophisticated and tailored, bringing together a traditional base with a few balanced, contemporary touches. It was an absolute joy to work with our client Pinkerton Private Wealth and architect BEEBE Design Studio Architects to create this beautiful space.








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