Big News at Space as Art

Since 2009 Space as Art has been creating inspired, award-winning interiors for residential, commercial, and hospitality environments. Over these eight years, we are proud to have earned accolades and a reputation for excellence in each of these service areas. We have now grown to a point where it makes the most sense to differentiate our identity and practices as a firm into two distinct studios, one specializing in commercial and hospitality interiors, and the other dedicated specifically to luxury residential interiors.

We are pleased to announce that Space as Art is one firm, now with two specialized studios.
You may have noticed some differences here on our website.

Where did all the residential interior design go?

As of July 2017, our luxury residential interior design studio is now called Angela Rodriguez Interiors, where we’re all about “interior design with soul.” You can check out our new website, featuring new projects and information specific to our residential interior design services at

Where do I look for commercial and hospitality design?

You’re in the right place! The commercial and hospitality side of our firm continues on as Space as Art, where we focus on our mission “to create space as art, places as destinations, and interactive experiences that ignite the senses.” The website will be undergoing updates to focus on our commercial + hospitality design services and showcase more of our latest works.

What’s next?

We are so excited about this change, because it allows us to grow in each of our service areas in ways that best target and serve the different needs of those unique markets. Some really exciting and focused initiatives are in the works for both studios, so please stay tuned!

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