Textile Art Walls

A few weeks ago Sarasota Magazine interviewed Angela for a feature on “What I’m Crushing On!”. One of her top 5 current design “crushes” are art walls, so let’s elaborate a bit further on that subject and show you some stunning wall textiles we love. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the article yet, here’s a little excerpt to get you started.

“I love when we have opportunities to turn a whole wall, floor to ceiling, into art. There are many different ways to do this, but we recently added a variety of handmade wallcoverings to our design library that are just so gorgeous. Art walls like this work well in powder rooms, on bed walls, and anywhere we find within a home’s architecture that just calls for something really unexpected and exquisite.” -Angela Rodriguez

This bold art wallcovering from Elitis is handmade with layers of palm fiber, abaca bark, bamboo and sheets of paper mache. The color is added by hand with vegetable dyes washed onto the layers to achieve a saturated appearance with some variation.

Romo recently introduced this capiz shell wallcovering perfect for a light and calm residence design. I especially like how this design is both structured and natural with the broken capiz shells cut to form straight lines across the wallcovering.

Artistry meets innovation with this mural-style wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries. Inspired by the horizon of mountains meeting the clouds in the sky with layers of watercolor brushstrokes in a soft color palette.

This gorgeous wallcovering resembles an oversized contemporary painting in a refined color palette. Layers of woven raffia and paper are layered by hand to create this unique look. The close-up image on the right shows the beautiful texture and color within the overall composition.

Banana bark, palm wood and paper weave make up this one-of-a-kind natural wallcovering by Elitis. Peeks of an ocean blue appear underneath for a little pop of color amongst the rows of texture fro the palm wood.

This eye-catching wallcovering makes quite a statement as a three dimensional surface. Layers of scale-like shapes serve double duty as a piece of wall art as well as an effective acoustic treatment. This is only one of the many three dimensional wallcoverings by Elitis.

What this image does not capture the extent of how soft this wallcovering is in person. Inspired by Moroccan wedding blankets, rows of chunky textiles are woven throughout a natural, subtle-colored background. Install this one and  you may not stop touching the walls every time you walk by.

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