Celebrating Earth Day With Easy-To-Grow Indoor Plants

One of our favorite accessories for almost any room is a beautiful plant. We like to see them as nature’s art. They add color and interest, while livening up a space. There are several ways to display plants depending on their size and whether their leaves are large and sculptural or small and textural. In celebration of Earth Day this Saturday, April 22nd, we’ve put together a little inspiration for displaying plants indoors. Hope you enjoy. Have a great Friday!

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The Oxford Exchange in Tampa, FL is a visual treat and showcases a beautiful conservatory filled with a variety of plants including four large and lush fiddle leaf fig trees. These are very popular indoor plants because of their beautiful oversized leaves that look very sculptural. With the right amount of bright, indirect light (no direct sunlight) and a consistent watering schedule, these beauties will thrive well in an indoor environment.

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In this office design we created a concept inspired by an outdoor environment which can be seen in this image in the color palette and carpet pattern. We took it a step further by placing eight potted Sansevieria plants throughout the space next to the workstations to promote a visually refreshing environment and also to naturally clean the indoor air.

Shown above on the left is the rubber tree plant and the “ZZ” plant on the right. The rubber tree plant is an excellent air purifier and the ZZ plant is extremely low maintenance. If you haven’t had luck in the past with indoor plants then we highly suggest a ZZ plant.

Happy Earth Day!




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