Eco-Friendly + Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day the volume of household waste in the United States increases 25% according to the EPA, making up about 1 million extra tons. The holiday season doesn’t have to be such a wasteful time! Cutting down on packaging, wrapping, and excess decorations reduces the waste that goes to landfills. By rethinking some traditions, we can all have a healthy, happy, reduced waste season. Here we rounded up some gift wrapping ideas that utilize materials and objects usually lying around the average home just begging to be used creatively. Enjoy!

Recycled Paper Bag + Twine + Foliage

How beautifully simple is this gift wrapping idea? The earthy color palette makes it oh so sophisticated. I can just imagine it with a fern from my own back yard. Full tutorial here.


Recycled Knit Sweater

Give your gift a cozy wrapping by recycling an old knit sweater in your closet that you haven’t worn in a few years. The sleeves of the sweater can be cut into bands that fit around a box, or the body of the sweater cut to envelop the entire box and tied in a cute bow. Full tutorial here.


Recycled Paper Bag + Sharpie or Whiteout + Yarn or Twine

This is an easy and cute way to dress up a paper bag wrapped gift. Grab that sharpie or whiteout pen from the drawer and get creative with dots or any pattern that inspires you. The white dots have an especially snow-like look. Full tutorial here.



Children’s Artwork + Ribbon

Time to use that stack of saved up artwork by your kids that you feel just too guilty to toss. Grandma and grandpa will rave over the cuteness of receiving gifts wrapped in the artwork of their grand babies. Finish off with some colorful yarn or ribbon.


Newspaper or Book Pages + Twine + Foliage or Ribbon

Using newspaper or book pages for wrapping has been around for a while, but making it look put together takes a little extra effort by incorporating some twine and a pop of color with foliage or a patterned ribbon. Full tutorial here.


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