On Site: Progress on “Mid-Century Moment” Office Design

When we introduced this project in August it was still in the concept phase with two options the client could choose from, here. As you can see, the client chose Option 1 (which is our personal favorite as well). A few months have passed and the project is almost complete! The floor to ceiling privacy partition design was slightly revised and the new furniture and accessories are still needed to make the space feel more welcoming as well as add some needed texture and color which will visually soften all the hard edges, straight lines and high contrast finishes. So far we are very happy with how it is turning out and can’t wait to see it completed. Take a look below at the initial concept design for Option 1 and some photos we snapped last week of the space in progress.

/Volumes/GoFlex Home Public/Space as Art Projects/16042 Nautilus
Original Option 1 Concept Design

With the finishing details of residential-style furniture and accessories, this space is going to be phenomenal. Currently the client is temporarily using their current furniture from the old office.
We’re loving how this privacy partition turned out!
The concrete pendant light will be lifted about 12 inches, and a design feature will be added onto the face of the partial height wall.
The design of the conference room partition provides privacy with the wood door design as you first walk into the office, but lets in light with the glass wall further down.




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