Kitchen Hardware: 3 Styles // 18 Options

When it comes to kitchen hardware, knobs and pulls give a similar affect as jewelry does for a person’s face and overall look. It provides a small dose of metallic material to contrast with its surroundings and create a refined appearance.  Hardware comes in an endless variety of styles, shapes, sizes and finishes to complement the natural wood or paint finish of cabinetry and furniture.

Today we’re sharing some examples of hardware in groupings of three styles: Classic, Sleek and Eclectic. In finishes of brass, nickel, chrome, copper and bronze, it’s easy to add that next level of detail and create a custom look.


Cup Pull  |  Brushed Copper Knob  |  Brass Pull  |  Oil Rubbed Bronze Knob  | Polished Nickel Pull  |  Oil Rubbed Bronze Knob


Brushed Antique Copper Pull  |  Rectangular Knob  |  Square Bar Pull  |  Black-Bronze Round Knob  |  Amber Gold Bar Pull  |  Polished Nickel Hexagon Knob


Mid-Century Brass Pull  |  Stainless Steel Barrel Knob  |  Polished Rose Gold Pull  |  Diamond Maple Wood Knob  |  Zinc Half Round Pull  |  Brass T-Knob



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