A Day of Interior Styling and Photography

Earlier this month we shared about our antiquing adventure shopping for unique objects to use in styling a large residential interior design project we’re wrapping up in Osprey, FL. We left with a box full of goodies and continued our search for additional decorative items at a few retail stores. Follow along below as I walk you through some of the areas we styled and the thought that went into each vignette.

In the dining room, the silk wallcovering with the slightest hint of blush is perfectly complemented by a mixture of reflective vases and a tray in brass, colored glass and mirror finish. To soften the look, we added organic shapes and color from some cuttings of a fern and bird of paradise.


Angela setting up to photograph the dining room.


This little area in one of the guest rooms is probably my favorite spot in the entire house because of its color palette and character. As far as styling this space, a small fern in a sophisticated planter and leather horse figurine found at the antique shop add tons of charm.


The library in this home has these built-in shelving units on all four walls! It makes for quite the statement, but also presented a big task to style and accessorize in a way to make all the shelves appear full. We accomplished this by strategically placing the client’s collection of books in groupings vertically, horizontally, leaning and facing forward. This created a base onto which we layered objects of varying sizes and shapes to create a lived-in look.


We purposely kept the decorative accessories light on this glass coffee table to keep focus on the gorgeous rug beneath.

The ceiling in the main room has some fantastic custom detailed moulding designed by Space as Art, which Angela is photographing in this shot.
This oversized, tufted ottoman was just calling out for a beautiful tray. The mirror finish keeps the whole palette light and airy while reflecting the natural light in the room. We styled the tray with a few feminine accessories including a tea cup and saucer, white coral and a delicate exotic fern for texture and color.




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