Antique Shopping Field Trip

We just wrapped up the finishing touches on a long-running residential interior design project, a 13,000 square foot residence at The Oaks in Osprey, Florida. Our client recommended we check out an antique shop nearby, so Sonika and I had to investigate.

Antique shopping is a special occasion. It’s not something we do very often, or that every project calls for, so when the rare opportunity arises to abandon technology for a few hours and slip into an antique shop, I feel like a school kid embarking on a field trip. There’s that same thrill of the sudden change in scenery, exploratory mindset, and inevitability of learning something new. I especially love to scour through the smaller objects at antique shops, the decorative accessories that can add character and conversation pieces that add interest in an interior design.


I secretly love tea sets. If storage space were not an issue I might hoard them, and if leisure time were in greater abundance I might host tea parties. They might be themed. Some would be casual, some would be so delightfully pretentious. On this trip I found an adorable set of the tiniest teacups you’ve ever seen each nestled like a puzzle piece into an also tiny sandwich plate no self-respecting American sandwich would dream of. Oh, but I have ideas. Maybe someday, when I’m retired I’ll be the crazy tea party lady. Who’s in?


As decorative pieces in a home, crystal decanters look great in groupings of different shapes and sizes.


As pairs or mismatched, heavy brass candlesticks present decorative possibilities especially at the holidays, and vintage tins are great character pieces for open shelving, craft room storage, or for accessorizing glass kitchen cabinets.


Sonika checks out small artwork pieces on display.


In 13,000 square feet there is a whole lot of shelving to cover. We could always use more beautiful books. Antique and vintage shops are a helpful source for filling out a great home library.

It was a very successful field trip! Stay tuned for a glimpse at the pieces we ended up purchasing and how we used them to finish off the home’s interior design.

Happy Friday!


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