6 Sculptural Hanging Planters

With the transition into cooler seasons comes the opportunity to welcome your cold-sensitive plants to take residence inside your home. Now rather than plopping your plants on the floor in front of window and hoping for the best, why not create a living design feature with these amazing sculptural hanging planters? Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials there is something to compliment any existing interior decor. We’re especially fond of the crisp contrast that the white planters and green foliage create.

Why a hanging planter you ask? They take up zero counter space and serve as sculptural artwork on your walls. You can even make them functional by planting your favorite herbs and hanging them in your kitchen! Certain plants will detoxify the air in your home (check out which ones here) and statistics show that the more green space where you live, the happier you are. Now go have some fun and fill up that empty wall in your house you’ve been pondering over for years.

Set of 3 porcelain + leather hanging planters // Etsy: lightandladder // $135
Solid copper hanging planter // Kaufmann Mercantile, Inc. // $149
Ceramic Wall Planters // West Elm // $19 – $69
Geometric Hanging Planter // Etsy: HRUSKAA // $48
Set of 3 wall hanging teak planters // Etsy: thewoodybeckers // $102
Air pot hanging planter // Wayfair // $34.99

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