On Site + In the Studio: St.Armand’s Key Kitchen Remodel

Our clients for this project settled down in this canalfront home on St. Armand’s Key three years ago and have been dreaming about customizing their kitchen to reflect their passion for cooking. Aside from upgrading to their preferred choice of appliances, the new kitchen design will be a beautiful neutral palette with contrasting finishes on space-maximizing custom cabinetry and a wood soffit feature with accent lighting above to take advantage of the extended height of the space.

Opening up to a canal from the kitchen, we took an opportunity to bring that natural light and beautiful view deeper into the rest of the home by removing the upper part of a dividing wall as you’ll see in the following progress photos. The project is moving along steadily and we’ll be updating as the kitchen takes its new shape!

Kitchen Design:


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Kitchen Before:

The existing kitchen did not suit the functional needs of the homeowners, and this family lounge area was dark and cut off.


Kitchen After Demolition:

Renovation is underway! The wall between the kitchen and family lounge has been partially opened for free flow of light and social interaction.



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