5 Pro Tips for Styling Bookshelves

Bookshelves are functional, but they’re also an opportunity for display and can enhance the design of a space. Here are our tips and inspiration for styling your bookshelves like a pro.

1. Mix in natural items & plants

Incorporating organic items is a great way to add color, texture and soften the overall look. Try a piece of coral or sea sponge, potted plants or even a glass bowl filled with river rocks.

image via CB2

2. Group books by spine color

This makes for  a color blocking effect and creates the illusion of being more organized.

image via Wisteria

3. Showcase artwork & sculptural objects

Prop small pieces on a stack of horizontal books or layer taller framed pieces of art behind smaller, sculptural objects.

image via Wisteria

4. Embrace baskets & boxes

This is a great way to organize a collection of small items that you don’t want to display. Fiber baskets provide a natural feeling and stacking boxes can range from solid, sophisticated colors to fun patterns and bright colors.

image via Wisteria

5. Vary the book placement

Divide your book collection among several shelves and play with having them rest vertically, leaning sideways and laying stacked horizontally.

image via West Elm

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