Photo Shoot in Progress

Installation week has finally come for our New York lake house project. (Originally described in this post back in January)

For our whole team this means travel to Chautauqua, NY for a whirlwind of final details, the exhaustion of long hours worked on site, and the incomparable excitement of seeing almost a year of work come to realization before our eyes.

Today we are working with New York based photographer, David Revette, to document the completed home design and remodel amidst the spring green trees and vast, blue backdrop of Chautauqua Lake. The team and I scramble about making last minute adjustments and determining the best shooting angles with the photographer. Let’s open this door an inch more, let’s close that one, rotate that chair just a little, no, too far, lights on, step back…

It’s showtime.

new-york-interior-design 3

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