The New Look of White Kitchen Appliances

If you’ve browsed through a home design magazine lately you’ve likely noticed a resurgence of the white kitchen… Transitional and modern interiors alike all awash with natural light gleaming off clean white surfaces and spaces large and small made to feel more open and airy.

With the increasing popularity of these new white kitchens, new white kitchen appliances take the look a step further. Resembling more an Apple iPhone than the old standard issue white appliances from my college apartment, these sleek, sexy and technology-packed appliances are replacing the ubiquitous stainless steel in some high-end American kitchens.

The hottest new white appliances right now are the “Brilliant White” introduced this year to the US by German appliance maker, Miele. Faced in a layer of glass, these appliances are more easily wiped clean and far less likely to stain than the painted or ceramic white appliances we used to know. The glass is flush with no crevices for kitchen debris to collect.

Seamlessly integrated Brilliant White appliances by Miele

Miele Brilliant White

Another noteworthy “new white” option is Whirlpool’s White Ice. White Ice is sleek and sophisticated, and a strong new alternative to stainless steel in a kitchen. Here it is shown with dark espresso cabinetry and a white backsplash for a look that is high-contrast, but warmer than stainless.


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