Tropical Master Bath Renovation, Casey Key

We recently completed this master bath renovation for a client’s waterfront home on Casey Key. Their existing bath design was feeling bland and its shotgun floor plan wasn’t working for these homeowners. So we reconfigured the layout, removing the existing corner tub in favor of a large, luxurious shower and increased closet space.  Since the footprint is narrow, we replaced some solid walls with translucent glass to afford privacy while allowing a sense of openness.

Concept floor plan presented to client
Concept rendering presented to client

Before + After


New design features of this tropical spa-inspired retreat include teak “stepping stones” over a field of black river rock and a floating white stone vanity between custom teak and glass storage towers. The new ceiling is lowered slightly to conceal indirect lighting to lightly graze the walls in the evening, and a central raised area finished in backpainted glass to be reminiscent of a skylight.


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