“Mission: Mudroom.” Custom Designed Storage Saves the Day

Recently one of our favorite, longtime clients reached out to us for some help with their cluttered mudroom. As the first and last place in the house this busy family of five uses, this mudroom quickly collected all types of miscellaneous objects day after day. After assessing their organizational needs we collectively decided that this space would best benefit from a custom storage unit divided into three cubbies so each child could have their own organized space for backpacks, shoes, hats etc.

We teamed up with local cabinetmaker Elite Woodwork to execute our design (shown below). After some careful measuring and finish matching they installed the final product which blends so well with the original cabinetry that looks like it’s always been there. We originally chose three different wallpapers for the inside back panel of the cubbies, but ended up asking the kids to each choose their own. The result is a beautifully organized mudroom with a big dose of personality.





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