Garden Paradise!

(Or, “Ouch! How I Got My First Sunburn of 2012”)

Today I visited a fabulous garden center in Venice with a client. We’ve been working together for about 8 months designing her family’s beautiful new home set in a lush, tropical eden. Now interior construction is wrapping up, furniture is being delivered, and it’s time to work on the finishing touches that punctuate the design, like house and patio plants.

Two of the beautiful glazed pots we selected

We had a dizzying variety to choose from at the garden center and (with a little help) hand picked about a dozen large plants for the interior and patio. We ended up with yucca, areca, fan palm, white bird of paradise, and some kind of bamboo I’ve never seen before. Selecting pots was like walking on a glazed ceramic rainbow. The section for pots alone was the size of the entire garden center at some big box stores I’ve been to. This place is no joke. Each aisle of planters and pots is heaped by color family. Aside from making it easier to find what you need this way, the visual effect is just gorgeous! I’m inspired now to design a whole interior around one of these aisles of azure pots…

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