Succulents in Decor

I love to incorporate live plants into the spaces I design. They can bring color and texture, be contemporary or classic, link the indoors to a great view outside, anchor an empty corner of a tall room, naturally improve indoor air quality, and never go out of style. What’s not to love?

For some of our clients whose answer is the maintenance, one way to get them the natural vibrance a live plant brings to an interior is to make creative use of succulents. As long as the room has enough sunlight, succulents can be perfectly happy indoor plants with just a light watering every couple of weeks. There are so many kinds to choose from with different shapes and colors, and many without any sharp needles to watch out for.

I’m constantly on the lookout now for interesting glass containers to turn into offbeat terrariums. With different kinds of tiny succulents, soil, sand, rocks, moss, and a great container, the style possibilities are endless. Larger arrangements are great on a coffee table or as a dining table centerpiece. Small groupings can be cool on a windowsill, kitchen island, or corner of a desktop. Here are pictures of some I’ve made recently. I think my next succulent project will be a long copper trough full of these little guys all lined up for my dining room table.

A mini succulent garden I just made for a client
Closeup of the one I just made, sitting on a walnut burl console table behind a linen sofa, beside a small vintage clock and a pair of simple crystal candlesticks
A recent vintage find is now the home for these succulents in my own living room

I also really like these unusual terrariums and vessels for succulents from West Elm…

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